Hi, I am Caitlyn...welcome to my personal blog.
Things you should know about me:
I am 24
I love butterflies
I am female.



Anonymous said:

Do you know Kingdom Hearts ? Can you make Goofy bad-mouthing Sora ?


I am familiar with this “Kingdom Hearts.”


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This kid is cute and all but their wifi doesn’t work…

and I have to use this old computer…

and…I just. I want my own computer and wifi. weeps.


im on a mission to make the security guard the most unlikable guy in the world

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Watching the little man and waiting for his father to come get him… The only thing is, is he was supposed to be here by seven thirty and it’s already 8 pm.

My father loves to say shit like my first cousin is just doing what he can but he basically ditched two children from two different girls. Kohl misses his dad very much and it makes me sad for him because his dad is so into other things but him… Nikki is a ducking wonderful mother that is raising this kid by herself with only 25 dollars a week for child support.

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